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You may be aware that statistics show that more children, adolescents and adults are being diagnosed with Learning Disabilities, ADHD and High Functioning Asperger's Syndrome. In the year 2000, 11% of all children were being diagnosed with one of these challenges.

Living in a black and white world or having little or no emotion, unable to read body can be more fulfilling and easier to navigate with the right support.

Understanding how the world looks from their perspective, we can aid them in coping and being the best they can be. As parents, carers, teachers and therapists - it is important that we have the skills to walk their journey beside them from the young formative years through to mature adults.

I use various therapies including Hypnotherapy and Resource Therapy to aid the child/adolescent and/or the parent/carer along this path.

Teaching skills and utilising everyday techniques to keep calm and assess situations, understand the behaviour and how best to address it. 

Have a look at my workshop page for further information detailing my next date TBC. Call me if you would like to chat prior to purchasing your ticket.  

Mobile: 0402 887 481


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