• Barbara Boyle

Anxiety is not who you are!


Anxiety can be telling us that something is not natural and requires our attention. We can often navigate through these thoughts and emotions and realise why we felt anxious.

When we frequently become anxious and it takes over our thoughts, emotions and actions, it is time to look for support to understand what is driving this behaviour and how to heal. Anxiety can also lead to panic attacks – sweating, shaking, nausea, repeated thoughts of what could go wrong, or what might happen. Before you realise, this thing called anxiety appears to be ruling your life. You may withdraw from certain situations, becoming isolated and fearful of What If even though it may never eventuate?

This may have resulted from one event or many over time. Once you understand that this is something you are experiencing and not who you are, then change can occur.

Once you acknowledge where you are at and that we do not want to stay this way, then you can start to take action.

Remember who you were before you experienced a high level of anxiety, that is who you can become again. Know that this is something you are experiencing; it is not who you are!

In a gentle and nurturing environment, I can support you to understand why you have arrived at this point in your life and then we can take steps towards letting go of anxiety and become yourself again.

You can step back into your power and take control of your life.

Send me and email – barbara@firststepstohealing.org or text message – 0402 887 481. I am here to support you, you are not alone!

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