• Barbara Boyle

Do you know the True Magnificent You?

As humans we create a very limited understanding of who we truly are. Once we step outside of that conditioning and expand into our true magnificence, our lives transform in ways we never thought possible.

I first met Peter Smith at a hypnotherapists meetup and instantly felt strongly connected with him on a soul level. I then went on to attend the Living Quantum Consciousness weekend with a group of people wanting to know more and understand the magnificence we are. This was a transformational time for us all. The drive was then to experience a quantum consciousness experience with Peter. I went with the question - if I continue on this path or change to another what will the outcome be? The journey was incredible and I can only say that I received answers beyond anything I could have imagined. This assisted me in making life changes decisions and living my full potential not plodding through with the thought of 'if only'!

This led to my training as a quantum consciousness facilitator as I knew it was time to expand my healing facilitation for my clients.

To understand more about quantum consciousness have a look at my page and you will also find some videos from Peter.

You can also give me a call to chat further.

0402 887 481

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