• Barbara Boyle

Who are you without depression?

When events or circumstances occur in your life, you may be impacted on various levels. Sometimes these layers can build up and there will be a trigger which feels like life is unravelling and it is hard to see a way out. You may seek help from mainstream professionals and / or holistic support.

Remember who you were without being depressed, what did life look like? When you acknowledge where you are and what you are feeling, you can make a choice about where you go next. There is no wrong or right, it is about what is the most beneficial at the time.

When someone came to me having been diagnosed with depression, they thought that this now defined who they were and they just to had to find a way to accept this and learn live with it. As we talked, we discovered the layers of events that lead to this diagnosis. These beliefs and behaviours were able to be healed in a gentle and nurturing way. The events are still in the memory however, the emotions are no longer attached. They have become lessons and brought out insights into who this person is today. Now able to reflect on the past without continuing to live in the emotions, there is a peace and acceptance.

The past only defines us if we choose for it to. Make a choice and be true to yourself.

Give yourself permission to seek support and heal the past. We all deserve to heal our past and live in the present. You are deserving of a joyful, balanced and abundant life.

Celebrate Life.

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