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Quantum Consciousness Experience               
About the session ...

It is time for us to realise that we are so much more than we believe ourselves to be.


As we journey through the realms of consciousness and allow ourselves to remember, the learning comes with grace and insight.  You already know the answers to the questions you have. 

You may be curious about the Quantum Consciousness Experience to expand your awareness in these Realms gaining an understanding of your greater Being. 

Or you may have an intention which you wish to explore relating to a specific issue you are carrying in your life at this time eg: what if you take this path - where will your life go or if you take a different path - what will the outcome look like.

Travelling through the Realms to uncover the wisdom you carry within and draw on the greater learning, carrying it forward from this moment on in this lifetime and more. 

For those that need the background and science of quantum consciousness:

Consciousness Researchers tell us that we are an energy that shifts, changes and travels unbound by time and space. Quantum Scientists tell us that we are energy, consisting of subatomic particles, and that the entire universe is our home. Both are right, we are Quantum Consciousness. We are a window to a dynamic and unfolding universal journey. Simply put, we are a human portal waiting to be released into the fabric of the cosmos itself.


The purpose of this method is to help people “Remember”. To remember that we are part of creation, part of a greater energy and remembering this through our own personal experience is all it takes to change a life.

This technique was created by an Australian called Peter Smith who was also one of the founders of Hypnoenergetics and has been president of the Michael Newton Institute for Life Between Lives since 2009.  These videos show Peter providing an introduction to this work.

The Quantum Consciousness Experiences last for somewhere between 2.5 and 3 hours. I record the session for you as well and provide that on a USB stick for your reference in your own time. 

Client feedback:

Sue Williams

Wow Wow Wow.....the benefits of universal consciousness and quantum consciousness for me, have been endless. The strength and resolve I found after my quantum consciousness session with Barb enabled me to experience completely different ways of dealing with a very difficult situation. Time after time these sessions continue to surprise me. I believe that the caring, gentle, effective and firm facilitation of these sessions by Barb has been life changing for me and I will be eternally grateful.

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