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How do I choose the right therapist?

Check that the therapist has an accredited qualification.  As you would choose any medical practitioner that you connect with,  it is important to have a strong rapport with the hypnotherapist to enable successful therapy.

Is hypnosis safe?

Hypnosis is a normal, naturally occurring, healthy state of mind. It is totally drug-free. There has never been a single documented case of harm resulting from the use of hypnosis.  Thanks to TV shows and stage hypnotists, there is a common misconception that you can be hypnotised against your will. It is not true. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.

How many sessions will it take?

Depending on the issue you are addressing, this is something to discuss with your Hypnotherapist in the sessions.

Do I go into a 'zombie' state?

You are in total control at all times.  Hypnotherapy is a deeply relaxed state of mind in which the subconscious makes changes to break/release the old negative behaviours and reset new healthy behaviours while the conscious mind takes a break.  You only do things in hypnosis that you would normally do in a conscious state. 

How long will it take to 'fix' me?

You are responsible for your own choices and therefore when you are READY to change, the therapy taps into the skills or teaches you new skills to get back to living your life in a rich and meaningful way.  Only you can 'Fix' yourself.

Can anyone be hypnotised?

Some people are more easily hypnotised than others. As with anything else in life, the more people practice self-hypnosis, the more easily you can slip into that relaxed state. You do not need to achieve a very deep level of hypnosis to bring about change to habits or conditions that are having a negative impact either mentally or physically.


A common myth about being hypnotised is when a person says, “No one could hypnotise me”. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. A person goes into hypnosis because they choose to. So strong-minded individuals are really good candidates for hypnosis provided they are committed to wanting it to work for them. The choice is always yours.

Resource Therapy:

What is Resource Therapy?

Our resources are the different parts of our personality that make up the whole.  When we have a resource that is all consuming, it is out of balance and most often can have a negative effect in your life on a daily basis.  


Do you ever sit down to relax and there is a little voice telling you not to be lazy, get up because there is much to be done?

Do you drive somewhere and know you have traveled safely yet do not remember much of the journey?

These are our different resources impacting us in various ways because they are in an unhealthy state.  

What can it do for me?

Resource Therapy brings back into healthy balance your various resources/states that require healing.  It is a very quick acting therapy working on the underlying issues that have caused disharmony in your life.  

Tapping into the direct cause of the issue allows for long lasting results.

"I find that my clients are experiencing phenomenal results from RT. They are astounded at how powerful and quick acting this therapy is. The impact often flows through other aspects of their lives as well. Having the ability to 'call' into the present, Resources they require for specific events, times enables clients to take control of their lives and live the rich, meaningful life we are here for." Barbara

 Professional Clinical Member - AACHP

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