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Whether you are new to meditation or this is part of your self-care practice, taking time to slow down and connect with yourself brings you back to a space of wellbeing, with the energy to live each day to your fullest. 

Starting with 5 mins a day you can learn to honour yourself.  Daily meditation can help you perform better in all areas of your life, bringing connection to mind, body and soul.  


Teaching our children to meditate can improve their ability to connect with their emotions and understand how to channel frustration and anger, improving focus and self-awareness.

  Research found that meditation helps increase your attention and improves your ability to complete tasks. Meditation helps clear our minds and focus on the present moment, leaving you feeling rested and recharged. Research also found that meditation lowers risk of depression and anxiety.


I normally do my meditation on my own and decided to attend a group and see if there would be any difference.  Barbara has a very relaxing and calming voice together with the sound of the gentle singing bowls. I found myself drifting off very easily. As Barbara said it is an individual experience for everyone.  I'm looking forward to the next class.   KL

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